I Missed You Guys!

I’m back! After a long awaited return, I am finally here to share smiles with some of my favorite internet people! I’m sorry I left you guys hanging for a bit, but life has been so hectic, in a great way. I am working, a lot, and loving every second of it, well just about every second. I am happy, productive, and making plans that I sincerely plan on keeping. Plus, I got flowers on Valentine’s Day for the first time since my mom passed :-) She was always my valentine no matter who I was dating, and she played the part better than anyone.

After a few days spent at home with my dad and pup, I am back on the road working an NHL tour. Not only am I surrounded by hockey, but I am surrounded by Mickey as well. I will be working along side of a good friend. So far we have learned the Cowboy Bop, scarfed down cheesesteaks, and shopped for khakis together; the perfect start to any tour. Can’t wait to see what is next :-)

Xfinity Sports BarLine DancingIMG_0019


1.14.13 – Amazing Race to the Super Bowl

Nola 10 has officially begun!  Nola 10 is 10 events hosted by 10 champions celebrating 10 Super Bowls in the city of New Orleans.  In case you missed the above link a complete listing of these events can be found here: http://www.verizoninsider.com/nola10-superbowl.

Today Drew Brees hosted the kick off event which was a scavenger hunt around the French Quarter.  Thirty-five teams of four raced to different locations using Verizon phones to gather information and solve clues.  The winning team received VIP tickets to the Super Bowl.  I helped teams register and taught them how to use the phones they were given.  Most people were local and decked out in Saints gear, and every single person screamed when Drew walked into the room.  I must say that he seems like a really nice guy, and we totally made eye contact.


After some speeches and rule giving all the teams walked outside to the starting line.  There were a couple of energy packed WHO DAT! chants and the teams were released into the wild streets of New Orleans to fulfill their destinies.

Amazing race

I walked around to a handful of clue locations and every team I passed along the way was having a blast!  Everyone was smiling, some people were running, others were leisurely strolling with drinks in their hands.  Everyone was having fun whether they really wanted those Super Bowl tickets or they just wanted to enjoy the experience.  When the time was up, all teams returned to the starting point where we had a party with food, prizes, football players, booze, and music waiting.  Later, the winning team was announced and to everyone’s surprise, it was a group of ladies, one of whom almost fainted when her name was called.  See ya’ll, women love sports just as much as men!  The second place winner was also an all ladies team.  Maybe women just follow directions better than men?  I’ll let you be the judge of that.


11.29.12 – My Life in a Backpack

What’s in the bag you ask?  Well, let me tell you a little bit about how I prepared for the current trip I am on.  It is a little different from other trips since I will be staying in hotels for six months.  This time I didn’t need to leave space for practical things, like a tent, mosquito net, sleeping bag, bug spray, water purifier, alpaca blankets.  This time I was able to stuff as many clothing articles in my bag as possible!

Believe it or not, I pretty much have my entire wardrobe in this backpack.  I have 8 pairs of shoes – sneakers, vans, hiking boots, cowboy boots, climbing shoes, flats, flip-flops, and wedges – 3 jackets, 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of yoga pants, long johns, 3 sweaters, 3 dresses, 1 bikini, a bag full of undies and socks, climbing gear – harness, belay, chalk bag – work out clothes, winter gear – neck warmer, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 winter hats – a bunch of t-shirts, 4 work shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 1 lace body suit, and 1 hot pink tank top.  Besides wardrobe I also able to transport all of my toiletries and extra little things.  In the pouch in front of the backpack I carry shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial soap, razor, lotion, and mouth wash.  On the removable part on the top of my backpack I carry a small plastic bag with my tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss (yes I am obsessed with cleaning my teeth) vitamins, facial creams, nail cutters, makeup, and a couple of makeup brushes.  In this part I also carry some jewelry that I really don’t wear, tummy ache medicine, nail polish, peppermint oil, electronic chargers, a bandana, ibuprofen, and a brush.  There are a few small compartments on the inside and outside of my pack where I am able to fit my camera, super absorbent towel, a first aid kit, another kit with batteries, rope, tape, matches, and a deck of cards, a poncho, headlamp, sunscreen, water bottle, and a couple of plastic bags just incase.

I also have another small, reusable, grocery bag where I carry my food, orange juice, bowl, fork, hot sauce, tin foil, spice packets, books, and laundry detergent to and from the hotel.

There you have it.  My life in a backpack.  Its not heavy to me, but sometimes people think I’m carrying around a midget or small child.  I guess anything is possible.