10.14.12 – A Little Help From a Friend

Waking up hungover after two hours of sleep I did not think this day was going to go well.  Plus, after realizing that it was the 14th, the day my mom passed away six years ago, I thought absolutely nothing good was going to come out of this day.  But, I was wrong :-)  I love it when that happens.  The universe said, “Kim, you’re going to have fun today,” and I did.  I got to have dinner with my friend George, some one who I haven’t seen since my mom’s funeral, well, we had trouble figuring that out, but we do know that it’s been a while, and his girlfriend.  We ate at Gaijin in the Gaslamp – SD friends, you must try this place – and then stopped at Aero Club for some Whiskey ginger snaps (my new fav).  It was another good night catching up with an old friend and meeting a new one.  I know you have to think positive to be positive, but everyone once in a while the world will throw you a bone and help you out a bit. Thank you universe!