Another Birthday, Another Reason to Celebrate

Today is March 5th. It’s just a normal day for most people. Ideally, the snow is melting and the Earth is starting to peek through. Today would have been my mom’s Birthday. My dad would have been siting on the couch, waiting, and watching some sort of fishing show on TV as my mom would have been upstairs in the bathroom for hours getting ready for dinner at the restaurant of her choice. My brother and I would probably be teasing each other or enticing the dog to bark at the fish on television. My mom’s phone would have been ringing nonstop, all of her friends and the family calling to wish her a happy birthday. She was a popular lady. Once she was finally ready to come downstairs the four of us, possibly joined by my grandparents, would have driven to the restaurant for a lovely meal and back to the house for wine, candles, and ice cream, maybe some pound cake.

We would have been doing the same thing we do every year for all of our birthdays, but it would have been special since we’d all be together. The rest of the family would come over on the weekend for a proper celebration and more cake, candles, and singing. My mom would have gone out with her girlfriends for a few more parties.

We tend to think of our birthdays as marking another year gone by; therefore, making us another year older. Once you reach a certain age, shall we say 25, every birthday is a year closer to 30, and then closer to 40, and then, in the blink of an eye you’re turing 60! Where did the time go? How am I getting this old? What are these wrinkles on my face? Do I really have to get any older? I’ll just turn 39 for a few more years. Some of us even fear our birthdays, and when the time comes to celebrate we convince ourselves that we want to sit at home crying over romantic comedies on television. Some of us may also convince ourselves that we are nothing to make a fuss over, that we are not worth our friends and family going out of the way to nice things for us. But, we are missing the point!

Birthdays are a celebration of the day we were born, the day we came into this world to start our beautiful journey. Every year that goes by is another year we are lucky enough to be among friends and family, lucky enough to do new things or enjoy the same old things, lucky enough to experience life! We gather with those we love to celebrate all that happens in a year, to celebrate growth, to celebrate the love we gave and received, and most importantly to celebrate the fact that YOU are here today! We celebrate the past year, your current breath of life, and hopes for the future and good things to come. After all, It is tradition to make a wish before blowing out the birthday candles.

So, this year on your birthday remember that you are important, your life is special, and if some one wants to throw you a party, take off your sweatpants, stop complaining, and live a little! You are here on this Earth. Remember to enjoy.

SuzieQHappy Birthday Suzie Q

1.14.13 – Amazing Race to the Super Bowl

Nola 10 has officially begun!  Nola 10 is 10 events hosted by 10 champions celebrating 10 Super Bowls in the city of New Orleans.  In case you missed the above link a complete listing of these events can be found here:

Today Drew Brees hosted the kick off event which was a scavenger hunt around the French Quarter.  Thirty-five teams of four raced to different locations using Verizon phones to gather information and solve clues.  The winning team received VIP tickets to the Super Bowl.  I helped teams register and taught them how to use the phones they were given.  Most people were local and decked out in Saints gear, and every single person screamed when Drew walked into the room.  I must say that he seems like a really nice guy, and we totally made eye contact.


After some speeches and rule giving all the teams walked outside to the starting line.  There were a couple of energy packed WHO DAT! chants and the teams were released into the wild streets of New Orleans to fulfill their destinies.

Amazing race

I walked around to a handful of clue locations and every team I passed along the way was having a blast!  Everyone was smiling, some people were running, others were leisurely strolling with drinks in their hands.  Everyone was having fun whether they really wanted those Super Bowl tickets or they just wanted to enjoy the experience.  When the time was up, all teams returned to the starting point where we had a party with food, prizes, football players, booze, and music waiting.  Later, the winning team was announced and to everyone’s surprise, it was a group of ladies, one of whom almost fainted when her name was called.  See ya’ll, women love sports just as much as men!  The second place winner was also an all ladies team.  Maybe women just follow directions better than men?  I’ll let you be the judge of that.


12.31.12 – Snow Globe Day 3

It’s the last day of 2012!  Snow Globe was a sold out festival on day 3.  I met even more cool people and got to spend NYE listening and dancing to live music!  Laidback Luke was by far my favorite act of the weekend.  He killed it.  Every single person in the crowd was dancing.  The clock struck midnight and sounds of happiness exploded – fireworks, yelling, hugging, Chromeo, jumping up and down, noise makers, happy people.  Here is a video recap of Day 3 at Snow Globe 2012!

South Lake Tahoe is only a couple miles away from the California/Nevada boarder.  When the bars and clubs close in Tahoe people crawl to the state line and cross into Nevada where I’m convinced the party never stops.  I went to three different clubs, a couple underground basement types (which are my favorite) and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore.  Tired and sweaty, I started my walk back to California at 7 AM as the sun was starting to change the color of the sky.  I left a party that was still going strong.  The room was packed, the music was flowing, and people were dancing.

Happy New Year to everyone out there!  I hope your celebration was as fulfilling as mine :-)

12.9.12 – The Candle Box Fairies

Tomorrow will be my last night here at the Candlewood in Birmingham, AL.  It’s nice to be moving on to a new city, but I am sad to be leaving the little community here, especially the wine fairy.  He magically fills your glass as soon as you sit down at the table and continues to do so for the rest of the night.  You will leave the patio for a few minutes to call your dad, and when you come back, there will be a full glass of wine waiting for you.  There is always some one who will bring you a jacket when you start to shiver even though it is nowhere near Chicago cold at this time of year.  The cigarette fairy visits occasionally, and tomorrow, the steak fairy is rumored to make an appearance.  In honor of my last night at the Candlebox we will be having a party on the patio.  Steak, red potatoes, salad, wine, fairies, friends, and who knows, maybe some karaoke.

People are good.  They are so good that it sometimes makes me cry.  I got back to my room, closed the door, and shed a couple of tears for the niceness (apparently that is a word) that exists in people.  I have been smiling since the day I arrived in Birmingham.  I laugh so much that my face hurts!

I got kissed on the forehead today.  You don’t realize how nice that gesture really is, unless of corse you are female.  Then you know all about it.

10.29.12 – Stolat Stolat!

Happy Birthday to the babeliest of babelincolns, my bestie, Andy!  We wear matching party shirts, cook up some wicked campfire dinners, sing loud in the car, steal each other’s T Bell, run from roller coster to roller coster, and even end up making the same faces in photos without realizing it until later.  I hope your Birthday is full of ridiculousness!  I can’t wait to celebrate with you.  Much love!

10.15.12 – Andy!

Best. Night. Ever.

That’s what happens when you get to hangout with your best friend who you haven’t seen in a month and a half.  My team stopped in Scottsdale, AZ for the night, and I got to see ANDY! along with some other friends.  There was about 20 of us out and about on a Monday night – Did I mention that Andy was there?! – bringing the party with us where ever we went.  We stopped at a club called Dollhouse and danced all night long, well, until 2am.  It was such a good night that I woke up this morning laughing at all of the ridiculousness. 

Andy + Kim + vodka = absolute absurdity and rap videos.