11.16.12 – Incan Capital, Movies, and McDonalds

I watched “Motorcycle Diaries” today.  It’s a film I watch every six months or so.  Everything about it is beautiful, and it makes me nostalgic.  The scenes that take place in Peru make me miss it.  Sometimes I get choked up, other times I laugh.  There is a shot of Ernesto and Alberto walking through Plaza de Armas which is the center of the old Incan Capital, Cuzco, Peru.  They walk past the Cathedral de Santo Domingo, and I chuckle to myself every time because the angle of this shot was carefully picked to not included the McDonalds that is two doors down.  This McDonalds is funny in itself.  It is built into the historical stone blocks that make up the city.  It’s also a popular spot at 2 am when people start to stumble out of the nearby clubs.  I once got locked inside of this McDonalds.  All I wanted was a small fry to eat on my walk home!

This is the Cathedral.  The McDonalds is to the left.