Oh, I Wasn’t Expecting That. Good For You!

I sat down at the bar and ordered, “something with whiskey in it.”  The bartender asked to see my id.  I fumbled through my bag for my money clip.

ClipI handed my id to the bartender.  He checks it over and exclaims, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting that.  Good for you!”  He hands my id back to a slightly confused looking me.  What does that even mean?  Was he surprised that I was from Chicago?  Maybe I look like I’m from Texas or something.  Wait, I know, maybe he was talking about my change in hair color.  My hair is now bright red instead of the jet black I had in the photo.

BlackAfter a couple of stunned moments it finally hit me!  What do bartenders, doormen, and clerks all look at on ids?  The good old DOB or date of birth.  He was talking about the year I was born in.  After making this profound realization, I immediately asked, “Are you calling me old?”  To which he replied, “No, I just meant that you look good.”

AgeSo it’s official ladies and gentlemen!  I “look good for my age.”  You may be thinking, “That’s a compliment!  What the hell is this woman complaining about?”  I used to look good, plain and simple, but the addition of those three little words – for, my, and age – just make me cringe!  I’m not even 30, and I’m already considered old?  I don’t feel old.   Hell, I’ve been feeling more energized, healthier, and happier in these past couple months than I have been in a long time.  I have been enjoying being me!  And one comment from some random dude throws all that hard work out the window.  I guess that’s what the whiskey is for.  After a couple of pours I forgot how old I was and that I hated the guy who highlighted my age in the first place.  I stopped comparing myself to those around me and let myself enjoy the moment without feeling like it was time to drag my old ass to bed.


As I grow older situations like this are only going to happen more frequently.  Hopefully, they will all be tied up in backwards compliments and cocktails.

Moving Square Boxes and Oral Hygiene

I need help!  Does anyone have an tricks – mind tricks, meditations, mantras – or games they play in the elevator to make the ride less miserable?  I try so hard to be friendly and smile at people, to think about about anything else, but when you are on the 18th floor and have to stop six times before you get to the lobby it’s hard to keep that positive attitude.  I do realize that my time spent in the elevator is never more than five minutes, which is really nothing in the grand scheme of life, but those five minutes are so agonizing to me especially if some one gets in on floor 15 and out on floor 14.  What the h – e – double hockey sticks!  And, then there are those families with four kids, each one, even the two-year, attempting to carrying their own luggage.  Mom stops the doors from closing with her stroller so everyone can shuffle in.  I love babies, but come on!  Just get in the damn elevator so we can get this over with.

I have come up with a couple of solutions, but these only take me so far:

1.  I take the stairs often.  It’s good for shapely legs and butt, but after a night of drinking or a 14 hour work day the last thing I want to do is climb up 18 flights of stairs.  I usually take the stairs down except when I am carrying luggage or work cases which can weigh more than 50 pounds.

2.  You may say, “Well, Kim, why don’t you just stay on a lower floor?”  Most people think like this which is why those floors fill up faster.  Plus, I have always been a lover of heights, so I think a balcony on the top floor over looking the city is pretty darn cool.  I can spy on people, and they will never notice me.  I can also invent games like trying to fling pennies into the pool when no one is around and then go find them later when I go for a swim.

3.  Facebook, puppy photos, and other funnies.  I check my news feed, browse through those “awwww how cute!” animal photos that I know I’m not the only fan of, and look at other hilarious internet photos such as this:

SiiiiiimbaBut, it’s not long until some one says, “Good morning!  How are you today?!” or “My!  You have your hands full with all of that luggage!”  I know people are just trying to be nice.  I am usually the one being nice to others, but can’t they see I’m in no mood for words when I am staring at a screen instead of looking at them?  Sometimes when I take the elevator down in the morning for breakfast I don’t brush my teeth.  Pants, hoody, glasses: laziness at it’s finest.  Do you really want to have a conversation with some one who hasn’t practiced oral hygiene yet?

4.  I cose my eyes and pretend that I am sleeping.  That way no one can see me right?  WRONG!  “Oh, you must be really tired! Where are you from?”  Even though my eyes are closed I can’t shake the fact that I am in an elevator, stopping at the push of buttons on floors other than my own.

So what do I do?  How do I make elevator rides more pleasant for me and the passengers around me?  How can I block out that little square world?  Or, should I fully submerge myself into it?  I guess I can start by brushing my teeth and go from there.

11.26.12 – Sharing Some Blog Love

I just want to show some fellow blogger love today.  Here are the links to a few blogs that I follow when I get sick of listening to myself ramble.  


Helping Turtles.  A friend, Victor, has been volunteering his time in Costa Rica to save turtles.  He is one of the most productive people I know and is always finding different ways to keep himself busy – cooking, arts and crafts, making nature videos.  For those that are interested in travel and volunteering at different sites along the way you should definitely check out his blog!  He documents his adventures at:



Prego and the Loon.  This lady is amazing.  I don’t know her, but I feel as though we could be friends in real life.  She’s honest and not afraid to share details of her life that most people would keep to themselves.  Plus, she is a great writer.  It’s one thing to put something out there, but another to actually make people care about what is going on in your life without even trying.  She wants to share her experiences to help others, and I’m sure that is what she is doing :-)



Break Room Stories.  I can always go here for a laugh.   This blog posts funny quotes said from customers to bar tenders, waiters, and others in the service industry as well as photo galleries that always make me smile.  We have all been there at one point or another.  We have all been left thinking WTF?! after a customer has done or said something idiotic.  




11.16.12 – Incan Capital, Movies, and McDonalds

I watched “Motorcycle Diaries” today.  It’s a film I watch every six months or so.  Everything about it is beautiful, and it makes me nostalgic.  The scenes that take place in Peru make me miss it.  Sometimes I get choked up, other times I laugh.  There is a shot of Ernesto and Alberto walking through Plaza de Armas which is the center of the old Incan Capital, Cuzco, Peru.  They walk past the Cathedral de Santo Domingo, and I chuckle to myself every time because the angle of this shot was carefully picked to not included the McDonalds that is two doors down.  This McDonalds is funny in itself.  It is built into the historical stone blocks that make up the city.  It’s also a popular spot at 2 am when people start to stumble out of the nearby clubs.  I once got locked inside of this McDonalds.  All I wanted was a small fry to eat on my walk home!

This is the Cathedral.  The McDonalds is to the left.



10.29.12 – Stolat Stolat!

Happy Birthday to the babeliest of babelincolns, my bestie, Andy!  We wear matching party shirts, cook up some wicked campfire dinners, sing loud in the car, steal each other’s T Bell, run from roller coster to roller coster, and even end up making the same faces in photos without realizing it until later.  I hope your Birthday is full of ridiculousness!  I can’t wait to celebrate with you.  Much love!