Big Kids and Ball Pits

The big kids decided to have a day of fun in St. Louis.  They walked over to the City Museum, the perfect place to have oodles of fun!  It’s like more like a playground for people of all ages than it is a museum.  You can slide into the basement, crawl through underground tunnels, squeeze yourself through holes you never thought you could fit through, climb trees, zip down a ten story slide, chuck balls at your friends or random strangers in the ball pit, climb through wires that stretch out into the air, jump on top of airplanes, and discover secret tunnels and rooms throughout the stretch of the building.  There are signs that read “Please Touch” in the museum-like section on the second floor.  You can touch paintings, turtle shells, and old pinball machines.  Nothing is off limits, except for the gigantic rocking chair which you are left to look at and wish you had one of your own.

I have a ridiculously big smile across my face just thinking about this place.  If you want to go to a magical land where every single person is happy go to the City Museum.  There is nothing like it.  Adults become kids in an instant and kids remember how awesome being a kid really is :-)


Ten Stories!Tunnel!

Robbie!Mickey!Ball Pit!


Red Just Got Redder. Don’t Be Afraid to Spice it Up.

I got bored…

…so this happened!

RedIf you want a little change throw some highlights/lowlights/bright colors in your hair.  A small change can make a big look if executed the right way.  Your hair will look healthier and people will notice the new do.  Who doesn’t like a compliment every now and then?

If you are into switching up your hair style or looking for a little trim, next time try  It is only available in seven cities at the moment, but if you are in a place like, Chicago, you will be able to search the ad page for majorly discounted and free services.  Licensed professionals offer services from free blow dries to free single processed colors.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you want  a change, but don’t want  to pay the big bucks for something you’re not completely sure about, check out the website!

The point of this blog post is, a little change goes a long way.  Just think about it.  How long have you been going to the same stylist for haircuts?  Years and years?  Loyalty also goes far, but just like you, some times stylists fall into a routine as well.  They keep cutting your hair the same way over and over again without suggesting new layers or maybe adding bangs to your style.  Try a new stylist for a few cuts.  If you have a good relationship with your current stylist and have brought him/her new clients over the years he/she will understand.  Who knows, you may even get a recommendation!  If you feel too uncomfortable to ask, try something like, salonapprentice, an Aveda Iinstutute, or talk to a friend.  Yelp! is also a great tool to use if you find yourself in a new city needing a haircut.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up and look fabulous because you deserve it!

11.23.12 – Travel Theme: Liquid

A blogger I started following proposes a new travel theme every week.  I’ve decided to take her up on the offer.  Make sure you check out Where’s My Backpack for more weekly challenges!

Inflatable pool full of dad’s hot air
I was three years old splashin’ everywhere
And so began my love affair with water


On a river bank with all my friends
A big old rope tied to a limb
And you’re a big old wuss if you don’t jump in the water


And when that summer sun starts to beatin’ down
And you don’t know what to do
Grab your swimming trunks, ice up that old Igloo
And drive until the map turns blue


All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades and ice cold beer
And a place to sit somewhere near water


This is how my family does water according to a song by Brad Paisley.  I was thrown into a pool before I could even walk.  I learned to fish when I was just big enough to hold a pole.  I know how to drive a boat, drink beers on a boat, wakeboard, tube at a nice relaxing pace, deep sea (lake) dive, snorkel, float on a raft, jet ski, swim at night, and post importantly, I know how to appreciate the family that I get to spend time with, in and out of liquid.