Couch Surfing and My Hip Dad

My dad got home from a fishing trip today and saw that there was a random car with an out of state license plate in the driveway.  After putting his gear down and giving me a hug he says, “Are those couch surfers or do you know those people?”  I love that this is my dad’s response, and he couldn’t have said it any more nonchalantly, like it didn’t matter that there could be two strangers sleeping in the extra bedroom in his house.

I introduced my dad to Couch Surfing after living a very active CS life in San Diego.  My apartment was always filled with strangers from other parts of the world.  These strangers, or instant friends, became more than just weekend guests.  They became a part of my world, some staying for extra days, weeks, months, and it was beautiful.  I made some very good friends at the time, by hosting and meeting other local hosts, friends that I still talk to and friends that I will stay connected with for the rest of my life.

This is the part of Couch Surfing that I wanted my dad to see.  I wanted him to see that CS is not a community full of freeloaders and people that want to steal your precious stuff.  It’s about being comfortable with yourself, your surroundings, and letting other people into your life.  It’s about opening yourself up to others which is something all of us should practice.

So, after hosting a frisbee world champion, a couple of dudes passing through trying to avoid the busy city, a couple of girls that just wanted to go on a bike ride in the forest, and many friends of friends of friends my dad has become part of the Couch Surfing community without even realizing it.  He is now used to and comfortable with meeting new people, and his generous hospitality has extended beyond the realm of family members.  He has grown to trust his daughter and her judgements (I hope!).  Above all, he has learned the importance of hydration and making new friends.  Much of my happiness and knowledge of the world comes from meeting new people, sharing lives, and sharing homes.

That is the type of thing a person carries with them forever, whether they are on the Couch Surfing website or not.  We learn to share from the moment we come into contact with other human beings.  Remember what they taught us in school, “sharing is caring”.  Thank you dad for being so open, accepting, caring, and way hip.

11.01.12 – Just a Little Bit Country

I was going to write about something really frickin’ awesome today (you will just have to wait until tomorrow), but I got back to my hotel room and realized that something way more awesome happened and is still happening right now.  My dad is texting me about the CMAs.  He sends me a text when an artist is performing a song he likes, and even though I’m not at home I feel just a little bit closer.  Once again, I have the best dad ever.

Anyone watching the CMAs?  How did you feel about Taylor Swift’s performance?  Who was your favorite act?  Who should have one?  Who is your favorite country artist of all time?  And, how hot is Luke Bryan?  T-shirt and jeans, mmm!

10.20.12 – Dad and The Princess Diaries

On Thursday I posed a little challenge for my readers, and by readers I mean my dad, Babe, Jack, and the guy in Canada who takes nice photos.  I said I would write a positive post about whomever could tell me in what musical the Wells Fargo wagon makes an appearance.  My dad knew that Music Man was the correct answer!  I think he knew this because my mom was a lover of musicals, plus, my dad is a pretty smart guy.  He’s good at all those Saturday crossword puzzles, and he knows about the Honey Badger.

Anyway, I just finished watching “50 First Dates” alone in my hotel room, and of course, I cried.  If I was at home I would have cried just the same, but at least I wouldn’t have been alone.  My dad is the ONLY person that will watch whatever movie or TV show, even if it’s America’s Next Top Model, that I want to watch.  He probably won’t admit this to you, but he has watched “The Princess Diaries” while the Sox game was going on.  I miss watching movies with my dad.  When my brother and I were little he would stay home from work every Thursday, and in the summer take us to the movies, baseball games, mini golf, or for hikes at Waterfall Glen.  Lunch usually consisted of Burger King, Pamy’s, or Teddy’s Red Hots.  We always got to pick, and we still do!  Whenever I am at home my dad will ask me what I want to eat while slightly suggesting that he wants sushi or thai, two foods that he will eat only if I’m around.  My dad always wanted to make my brother and I happy, and after X number of years – don’t want to give away an ages here- he still does.  I just hope that I do the same for him.  I love you Bean!