Big Kids and Ball Pits

The big kids decided to have a day of fun in St. Louis.  They walked over to the City Museum, the perfect place to have oodles of fun!  It’s like more like a playground for people of all ages than it is a museum.  You can slide into the basement, crawl through underground tunnels, squeeze yourself through holes you never thought you could fit through, climb trees, zip down a ten story slide, chuck balls at your friends or random strangers in the ball pit, climb through wires that stretch out into the air, jump on top of airplanes, and discover secret tunnels and rooms throughout the stretch of the building.  There are signs that read “Please Touch” in the museum-like section on the second floor.  You can touch paintings, turtle shells, and old pinball machines.  Nothing is off limits, except for the gigantic rocking chair which you are left to look at and wish you had one of your own.

I have a ridiculously big smile across my face just thinking about this place.  If you want to go to a magical land where every single person is happy go to the City Museum.  There is nothing like it.  Adults become kids in an instant and kids remember how awesome being a kid really is :-)


Ten Stories!Tunnel!

Robbie!Mickey!Ball Pit!

Writing a Blog Post


Since I have been working a lot lately, doing things that most of you don’t and shouldn’t care about, I have decided to share an artist that I am currently obsessed with. I haven’t checked to see if he is on Instagram yet, but it’s getting there.

This is Father John Misty and his song, “Writing a Novel”. He is singing in the woods. The only thing better than that is signing naked in the woods.  Damn hippies!  Who said that?

If you dig this like I do also check out:

Father John Misty – Tee Pees 1-12


Father John Misty – Well, You Can Do It Without Me

12.17.12 – It’s Baby Time!

The baby is almost here!  Yup, I skipped a day because I’m that excited.  My cousin is going to have her baby today or tomorrow!  I am going to be an aunt to the most precious little thing ever.  Sandra is the oldest and probably the wisest cousin on my dad’s side of the family.  She was the first cousin to get married and now she is the first to give birth to a new life.  I just wish I was there to meet the little bugger and to support her on this journey.

To all those travelers out there.  You know how it is.  We travel because we love it.  We even take jobs that will make us travel, but it’s times like these that make the wandering life a hard one.  I will get to meet my niece or nephew in February and see what my cousin looks like as a new mommy.  I can’t wait, and I couldn’t be happy for Sandra and Jimmy.


11.02.12 – 11.03.12 – I <3 Chunking

This is how I spent my weekend.  Yes, I am a redneck – when I’m not working – and yes, I love punkins – everydamnday of my life.  Welcome to PUNKIN CHUNKIN!  I got to witness the world championship of punkin chunkin, and I am hooked.

Ain’t they purdy?


Champion’s Trophy


The Big 10 Inch


Redneck Stuff


Ready, Aim, FIRE!


Punkin Hole




Souvenir Cup