1.17.13 – Rollin on a River

I was on a boat today.  I have this thing with water, a relationship you might say.  It’s so strong that a short boat ride across the Mississippi is enough to make me smile :-)

Mississip1 Mississip2 Mississip3


1.16.13 – Hut Hut Hike!

Nola 10 continued as the Verizon Future of the Game Football Clinic hosted by Antonio Freeman happened today.  What an amazing event! Over 100 children, ages 9 to 14, from three different schools and their coaches attended a football clinic at the Saints’ practice facility.  I was in charge of collecting waivers, distributing t-shirts, making name tags, and gathering everyone on the bus that departed from a YMCA in New Orleans.  The kids, along with their coaches, were excited and couldn’t wait to be trained by the Saints staff as well as some of the Saints players.  Out of the three schools, my school was the only one that had girls attend clinic.  Not only did these young ladies play, but they kicked butt too!


Notice the bunny ears on Freeman :-)

I cannot tell you how awesome it was to see these kids play together during the clinic.  They were happy, smiling, running, and working with positive role models that could one day have an influence on their lives.  All it takes is one day, one touch down pass, one hand shake, a shared plate of fried chicken and mac n cheese to make an impact on some one else’s life.  Not only were the kids playing together, but they event staff worked great together as well!  We were all happy to be there and to help out in any possible way.  If you work events or like to plan parties for your friends, you know the amazing feeling you get when an event just happens, like magic.  Things run smoothly, people seem to know what to do, everyone pitches in, and you enjoy yourself instead of feeling like you are at work.  You may even go out for dinner afterwards to celebrate instead of taking a lap like the coach told you to.  Oops!  sorry coach!

11.15.13 – Red Beans, Rice, and Harry Potter

After an unforgettable night and early morning on Bourbon Street I awoke with a growling in my stomach and an incredible urger to watch Harry Potter.  Before rolling out of bed, I flipped on the television to see if I could find Harry, Ron, and Hermione getting into some trouble.  No such luck.  I got up, brushed my teeth, ran a comb through my hair, put on some pants, and walked over to P & G for some red beans, rice, and sausage.  What a delicious way to hold back that lurking hangover.  If you find yourself in New Orleans looking for a normal place where normal people (aka crazy people dressed in their work costumes) go check out P & G.  Good menu, good prices, good food, and nice employees.  Not wanting to been seen in public, I walked back to the hotel room to eat my meal and hydrate.  I flipped on the tv for the second time, and low and behold, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was on!  My dream had come true!  For the next 2 hours and 32 minutes  I was in Heaven.  I even managed to escape that hangover after all.  Drink water, stay hydrated!

I hold an interest in owls and other large birds which might add to my liking of Harry Potter.


1.14.13 – Amazing Race to the Super Bowl

Nola 10 has officially begun!  Nola 10 is 10 events hosted by 10 champions celebrating 10 Super Bowls in the city of New Orleans.  In case you missed the above link a complete listing of these events can be found here: http://www.verizoninsider.com/nola10-superbowl.

Today Drew Brees hosted the kick off event which was a scavenger hunt around the French Quarter.  Thirty-five teams of four raced to different locations using Verizon phones to gather information and solve clues.  The winning team received VIP tickets to the Super Bowl.  I helped teams register and taught them how to use the phones they were given.  Most people were local and decked out in Saints gear, and every single person screamed when Drew walked into the room.  I must say that he seems like a really nice guy, and we totally made eye contact.


After some speeches and rule giving all the teams walked outside to the starting line.  There were a couple of energy packed WHO DAT! chants and the teams were released into the wild streets of New Orleans to fulfill their destinies.

Amazing race

I walked around to a handful of clue locations and every team I passed along the way was having a blast!  Everyone was smiling, some people were running, others were leisurely strolling with drinks in their hands.  Everyone was having fun whether they really wanted those Super Bowl tickets or they just wanted to enjoy the experience.  When the time was up, all teams returned to the starting point where we had a party with food, prizes, football players, booze, and music waiting.  Later, the winning team was announced and to everyone’s surprise, it was a group of ladies, one of whom almost fainted when her name was called.  See ya’ll, women love sports just as much as men!  The second place winner was also an all ladies team.  Maybe women just follow directions better than men?  I’ll let you be the judge of that.


1.13.13 – Swimming Eight Stories Up

I went swimming twice today.  It was about 70 + degrees when I arrived in New Orleans.  A couple hours later the rain started and so did the cold front.  By the time I was ready to jump into the pool the air was too cold, but I noticed steam rising off the pool.  I stuck my foot in, and the water temperature was perfect!  I ripped off my shirt and cannon balled into a huge bath!  It started to drizzle while I was swimming.  Have you ever swam in the rain?  Your body is warm under the water, but you feel the little, cold drops hit what ever part is above the surface.  It is very relaxing and cleansing.  I could have stayed in the pool for hours, but my growling stomach told me otherwise.

1.11.13 – Kim Christmas

It’s been a while, 9 days to be exact.  Like anything, when you fall out of habit, it’s hard to get back into it.  Or, I could have been really busy with lots to do and little time to write.  Or,  I could have flown out of my window to Neverland with Peter Pan and Tink.  By the way, they don’t have computers in Neverland.  Whatever has happened in my absence from the blog world it is now behind me, and I can start taking my one a day vitamins again.  Sure the past is past, but I bet you are all wondering just what the hell happened to me.  I will share some highlights:

I finally got to meet Annie, my cousin’s baby, my niece.  She is even more beautiful in my arms than she is in photos.  She is going to grow up to have her mommy’s long blonde hair, pretty eyes, and smart head.  And, just look at that little pink bow!

AnnieI also got to see my baby, TOBY!  It still amazes me that I can be away from home for four months, and as soon as Toby hears my voice he knows it’s me.  I really hate to leave the little guy for that long, but he and my dad are buddies.  Who else is going to protect the house from those vicious squirrels?  It snowed a little too :-)


Work brought me back home for a week which allowed me to surprise my friends and family.  My dad and friend Mel were the only two people who knew I was going to be in town.  My crazy family celebrates Ukrainian Christmas so I was able to see everyone on one of my favorite nights of the year.  My Grandma cried, I cried, and baby Annie may have shed a tear when she got hungry or pooped her diaper.  I got to hang out with big Annie, who is now in seventh grade! I can’t believe my favorite little cousin isn’t so little anymore.  She is more beautiful every time I see her.

I even got to have my very own Kim Christmas!  My dad set up presents under the tiniest Christmas tree.

Mini Christmas

Every day this past week had Mel in it.  She is moving to Hawaii, and we needed to spend as much time together as possible!  With Mel, I made new friends, saw old friends, stayed hydrated, ate peanut butter sandwiches, fell asleep in the library and almost missed a train, and turned my hotel room into my “apartment”.  The entire week I had friends come and go, beverages consumed, movies watched, beds jumped on, and smiles shared.


So there you have it.  I did not get abducted by aliens or eaten by dinosaurs, but I did laugh so hard my stomach and my face hurt.  What a wonderful nine days it has been.

1.2.12 – Small Action, Huge Reaction

I caught up on some TED Talks today.  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and is a global set of conferences formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”.  TED Talks are inspirational, thought provoking, humorous, emotional, fascinating, informative talks and stories shared on many different topics.  Try watching a couple instead of wasting away on Facebook or Pinterest.  I promise you will find your time well spent and the gears in your brian firing away.  Maybe you will become inspired to invent something or pass on ideas that will save the world.

The talk that grabbed my attention, and made me cry, is called “Israel and Iran: A Love Story?”  Below you will find a link to the15 minute video.  You will be amazed at the huge reaction one small action can create.  Think about what just one man can accomplish by putting love out there.  He sent a message of love.  Think about what we can accomplish together by sending that same message out into the world.  Think and do.

Israel and Iran: A Love Story?

1.1.13 – Lots of Love

This is officially my first post of the new year.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog.  I now have 45 followers, only 3 of which are people I actually know.  (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!)  When I started this blog I figured my family members would be the only ones reading it, but it turns out I was wrong.  I am thankful for that :-)  You guys make me want to take more photos and share more funny stories.  A lot of my views come from Facebook and my old blog on Tumblr so thank you guys for visiting too!

I got a gift today, besides the bowl of cold oatmeal I found on my bedside table when I woke up.  How did that get there?  While clearing things out after the festival a friend stopped by to say hi/happy new year and handed me these:


Not only do I have a sweet new pair of sunglasses, but I have a pretty sweet new friend.  Well, this is me, crazy woman, sending all my new and old friends lots of love this new year through these heart shaped sunnies.

12.31.12 – Snow Globe Day 3

It’s the last day of 2012!  Snow Globe was a sold out festival on day 3.  I met even more cool people and got to spend NYE listening and dancing to live music!  Laidback Luke was by far my favorite act of the weekend.  He killed it.  Every single person in the crowd was dancing.  The clock struck midnight and sounds of happiness exploded – fireworks, yelling, hugging, Chromeo, jumping up and down, noise makers, happy people.  Here is a video recap of Day 3 at Snow Globe 2012!

South Lake Tahoe is only a couple miles away from the California/Nevada boarder.  When the bars and clubs close in Tahoe people crawl to the state line and cross into Nevada where I’m convinced the party never stops.  I went to three different clubs, a couple underground basement types (which are my favorite) and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore.  Tired and sweaty, I started my walk back to California at 7 AM as the sun was starting to change the color of the sky.  I left a party that was still going strong.  The room was packed, the music was flowing, and people were dancing.

Happy New Year to everyone out there!  I hope your celebration was as fulfilling as mine :-)