Daytona is Not a Place for Sleeves

NASCAR has officially begun!  We decided to celebrate yesterday by gathering at my cousin’s place to watch the Daytona 500.  My family isn’t the most normal family on the planet so we decided to spice up this race in Norwicki fashion.  We met early in my cousin’s garage to tailgate and eat some breakfast sandwiches.  The sun was out, the Caballero was looking great, and new traditions were coming to be. Next time you get those delicious pink marsh mellow bunnies or yellow duckies that everybody loves so dearly, try charring them with a blow torch.  They will taste even better.

PeepsAfter the tailgate we went inside to enjoy the revving of engines and some arts and crafts.  All guests had to make a team t shirt to sporting their driver’s number and sponsors.  Sleeves were not allowed.  I was rooting for Brad Keselowski, and we were sponsored by Peeps, Hennesee, Baby Annie, ‘Merica, Glowsticks, and Ja Rule.  Danica stopped by before the race to say hello.

shirtThe race was exciting as always, and Scoot came out victorious with Jimmie Johnson.  Even though my driver didn’t win, I came in second in the fantasy league that I joined!  After some Mario Kart and a few slices of pizza the group was ready to head down to country night at Houndstooth, in our team t shirts of course.  We celebrated another Blackhawks victory, played a few rounds of Quarters, and then it was time for me to go home.  Even now, I am still amazed that I didn’t miss my stop on the train.



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