Red Just Got Redder. Don’t Be Afraid to Spice it Up.

I got bored…

…so this happened!

RedIf you want a little change throw some highlights/lowlights/bright colors in your hair.  A small change can make a big look if executed the right way.  Your hair will look healthier and people will notice the new do.  Who doesn’t like a compliment every now and then?

If you are into switching up your hair style or looking for a little trim, next time try  It is only available in seven cities at the moment, but if you are in a place like, Chicago, you will be able to search the ad page for majorly discounted and free services.  Licensed professionals offer services from free blow dries to free single processed colors.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you want  a change, but don’t want  to pay the big bucks for something you’re not completely sure about, check out the website!

The point of this blog post is, a little change goes a long way.  Just think about it.  How long have you been going to the same stylist for haircuts?  Years and years?  Loyalty also goes far, but just like you, some times stylists fall into a routine as well.  They keep cutting your hair the same way over and over again without suggesting new layers or maybe adding bangs to your style.  Try a new stylist for a few cuts.  If you have a good relationship with your current stylist and have brought him/her new clients over the years he/she will understand.  Who knows, you may even get a recommendation!  If you feel too uncomfortable to ask, try something like, salonapprentice, an Aveda Iinstutute, or talk to a friend.  Yelp! is also a great tool to use if you find yourself in a new city needing a haircut.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up and look fabulous because you deserve it!

Princess, Rock Star, or Just Downright Lucky? You Decide.

To my surprise, I got to spend a long weekend in the penthouse suite of my favorite hotel.  I walked right up to the front desk without a reservation, and said, “Give me the finest room you have available!”  The manager came to the lobby and with one look at my designer luggage he knew the penthouse was the only place for me.  I was escorted by two bellhops up the secret elevator available to top floor guests only and was left with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a diamond tiara…

Ok, ok, ok, that’s not really how things went down.  I walked from the orange line (public transit) to the hotel.  I stumbled through the revolving doors carrying a gigantic backpack (some say I’m toting a midget around with me) on my back, a smaller backpack on my front, and a small case.  I looked as thought I didn’t shower that day and had to sit in the middle seat on my Southwest plane ride to Chicago.  The front desk was unable to find any reservation under my name or the name of my company.  I got a hold of my coordinator whom actually forgot to book a room for me.  At this point it looks like I am shit out of luck when suddenly, a miracle happens!  The hotel manager decided to upgrade me to the penthouse, 26 stories up!  I took the regular elevator and poured myself a glass of water upon arrival.  I felt like a princess!  Well, sort of…

After a few sessions of running down the hallway and flinging myself onto one of the beds, I immediately called my friends to let them know they had a place to crash for the weekend.  It wasn’t long until my fridge was filled with beer, Jack, and orange juice and I had people helping me rearrange the furniture.  We decided the loft, which looked quite empty, needed some additions.  Jack in one hand, kitchen chair in the other, I felt like a rock star back at the suite after playing a sold out show.  I was Rod Stewart and the Faces playing pranks and changing the hotel interior as I saw fit, except my hair wasn’t as teased, and I would have to put all the furniture back in the morning.  Even so, I still woke up to an amazing view in a bed fit for a king.



Hello My Old Heart


Hello My Old Heart

By The Oh Hello’s

hello, my old heart
how have you been?
are you still there inside my chest?
I’ve been so worried
you’ve been so still
barely beating at all

oh, don’t leave me here alone
don’t tell me that we’ve grown for having loved a little while
oh, I don’t want to be alone
I want to find a home and I want to share it with you

hello, my old heart
it’s been so long
since I’ve given you away
and every day I add another stone
to the walls I built around you
to keep you safe

hello, my old heart
how have you been?
how is it, being locked away?
don’t you worry
in there, you’re safe
and it’s true you’ll never beat, but you’ll never break

because nothing lasts forever
some things aren’t meant to be
but you’ll never find the answers
until you set your old heart free

This is a beautiful song. Although, I don’t completely agree with some of the lyrics, I still find beauty in message, cords, and harmonies. The song sings, “Nothing lasts forever,” but my disagreement lies in that statement. Love has been around for quite some time. When a person dies his/her love is passed on to others. Who knows how old the love in my beating heart really is? My mother passed it on to me, my grandmother to her, my great grandmother to her, you get the picture. As long as we keep our hearts open to others that love will be around, shall we say, forever. Take down those stones my friends.

Daytona is Not a Place for Sleeves

NASCAR has officially begun!  We decided to celebrate yesterday by gathering at my cousin’s place to watch the Daytona 500.  My family isn’t the most normal family on the planet so we decided to spice up this race in Norwicki fashion.  We met early in my cousin’s garage to tailgate and eat some breakfast sandwiches.  The sun was out, the Caballero was looking great, and new traditions were coming to be. Next time you get those delicious pink marsh mellow bunnies or yellow duckies that everybody loves so dearly, try charring them with a blow torch.  They will taste even better.

PeepsAfter the tailgate we went inside to enjoy the revving of engines and some arts and crafts.  All guests had to make a team t shirt to sporting their driver’s number and sponsors.  Sleeves were not allowed.  I was rooting for Brad Keselowski, and we were sponsored by Peeps, Hennesee, Baby Annie, ‘Merica, Glowsticks, and Ja Rule.  Danica stopped by before the race to say hello.

shirtThe race was exciting as always, and Scoot came out victorious with Jimmie Johnson.  Even though my driver didn’t win, I came in second in the fantasy league that I joined!  After some Mario Kart and a few slices of pizza the group was ready to head down to country night at Houndstooth, in our team t shirts of course.  We celebrated another Blackhawks victory, played a few rounds of Quarters, and then it was time for me to go home.  Even now, I am still amazed that I didn’t miss my stop on the train.


I Missed You Guys!

I’m back! After a long awaited return, I am finally here to share smiles with some of my favorite internet people! I’m sorry I left you guys hanging for a bit, but life has been so hectic, in a great way. I am working, a lot, and loving every second of it, well just about every second. I am happy, productive, and making plans that I sincerely plan on keeping. Plus, I got flowers on Valentine’s Day for the first time since my mom passed :-) She was always my valentine no matter who I was dating, and she played the part better than anyone.

After a few days spent at home with my dad and pup, I am back on the road working an NHL tour. Not only am I surrounded by hockey, but I am surrounded by Mickey as well. I will be working along side of a good friend. So far we have learned the Cowboy Bop, scarfed down cheesesteaks, and shopped for khakis together; the perfect start to any tour. Can’t wait to see what is next :-)

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