11.15.13 – Red Beans, Rice, and Harry Potter

After an unforgettable night and early morning on Bourbon Street I awoke with a growling in my stomach and an incredible urger to watch Harry Potter.  Before rolling out of bed, I flipped on the television to see if I could find Harry, Ron, and Hermione getting into some trouble.  No such luck.  I got up, brushed my teeth, ran a comb through my hair, put on some pants, and walked over to P & G for some red beans, rice, and sausage.  What a delicious way to hold back that lurking hangover.  If you find yourself in New Orleans looking for a normal place where normal people (aka crazy people dressed in their work costumes) go check out P & G.  Good menu, good prices, good food, and nice employees.  Not wanting to been seen in public, I walked back to the hotel room to eat my meal and hydrate.  I flipped on the tv for the second time, and low and behold, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was on!  My dream had come true!  For the next 2 hours and 32 minutes  I was in Heaven.  I even managed to escape that hangover after all.  Drink water, stay hydrated!

I hold an interest in owls and other large birds which might add to my liking of Harry Potter.



3 thoughts on “11.15.13 – Red Beans, Rice, and Harry Potter

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans! If I ever do, I’ll make sure to try out P & G. Thanks for the entertaining story (;

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