1.13.13 – Swimming Eight Stories Up

I went swimming twice today.  It was about 70 + degrees when I arrived in New Orleans.  A couple hours later the rain started and so did the cold front.  By the time I was ready to jump into the pool the air was too cold, but I noticed steam rising off the pool.  I stuck my foot in, and the water temperature was perfect!  I ripped off my shirt and cannon balled into a huge bath!  It started to drizzle while I was swimming.  Have you ever swam in the rain?  Your body is warm under the water, but you feel the little, cold drops hit what ever part is above the surface.  It is very relaxing and cleansing.  I could have stayed in the pool for hours, but my growling stomach told me otherwise.


4 thoughts on “1.13.13 – Swimming Eight Stories Up

      • Are you going to Jazz Fest? If not, you should!


        Although the French Quarter has a lot of good restaurants, fun bars, and interesting side streets (I find something new every time I walk around the FQ), you should take a walk down Magazine Street in the Garden District. There are cool shops, great food, treats, and coffee, and my favorite bar, The Bulldog. Also, as you may have heard, Frenchmen Street is good for music and meeting some local people.

        Also, I just found out that you can talk the ferry at the end of Canal St. across the river for free. It’s a short ride, but you can get some good photos of the bridge. It’s nice to go at sunset.

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