12.31.12 – Snow Globe Day 3

It’s the last day of 2012!  Snow Globe was a sold out festival on day 3.  I met even more cool people and got to spend NYE listening and dancing to live music!  Laidback Luke was by far my favorite act of the weekend.  He killed it.  Every single person in the crowd was dancing.  The clock struck midnight and sounds of happiness exploded – fireworks, yelling, hugging, Chromeo, jumping up and down, noise makers, happy people.  Here is a video recap of Day 3 at Snow Globe 2012!

South Lake Tahoe is only a couple miles away from the California/Nevada boarder.  When the bars and clubs close in Tahoe people crawl to the state line and cross into Nevada where I’m convinced the party never stops.  I went to three different clubs, a couple underground basement types (which are my favorite) and danced until I couldn’t dance anymore.  Tired and sweaty, I started my walk back to California at 7 AM as the sun was starting to change the color of the sky.  I left a party that was still going strong.  The room was packed, the music was flowing, and people were dancing.

Happy New Year to everyone out there!  I hope your celebration was as fulfilling as mine :-)


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