12.22.12 – Abracadabra!

It’s seems to me that happy hours are the cheapest way to eat in Las Vegas.  You can find a decent amount of them at restaurants on the strip or right off of the strip.  I initially expected to use Groupon a fair amount, but all of the restaurants listed on Groupon are far from the middle of things, too far for some one who does not have a car and doesn’t feel like hopping on a bus after work.  Vegas is hard to get around even if you do have a car!  There is always traffic, paring garages are a dangerous endeavor, and drunk people are everywhere.  Luckily, I have a friend here who was brave enough to drive to a happy hour down the road, and he just so happens to be lucky enough to have a friend that works the David Copperfield show.  I got to see the show from a spot that most people don’t even know exists.  I have always been one for the theatre and was happier just to be there than I was with the show.  Illusions are neat sometimes but even neater when you get the in on what is actually happening.  I’ll tell you something that is not an illusion and is nowhere near neat, I lost five bucks on a poker machine and five bucks on Starwars slots.  Can David Copperfield to pull my ten dollars out of a hat and give it back to me?


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