12.20.12 – Free Wine, Willie Nelson, and Thrill Rides on the Boulevard

I made a friend the other night while dining alone at a sushi bar.  The food was mediocre, but the company turned out to be wonderful.  This friend happens to work in the restaurant on the top of the Stratosphere.  Oh, by the way, I am in Las Vegas :-)  I am staying at the MGM Grand and that is where my journey began tonight.  Jon and I decided to make our way to the Stratosphere to visit my new friend and ride some thrill rides on top of the world.  The total distance of this journey is 3.3 miles <– map.  We deiced to see how far we could get on foot. This is Vegas!  There would be plenty of things to do and see on the way!  Many drinks and many hours later we made it to the Stratosphere.  It was time to celebrate  with wine and my new friend, but as it turns out, by the time we actually got to the restaurant my friend’s shift was over.  He went home.  Good thing there was a bounty of wine and fifteen dollar a piece thrill rides!  I finally summited the 1,148 feet to the observation deck and was flung even higher on the world’s highest thrill ride, The Big Shot.

The adventure home is another story that I will save for another day.

Below are some photos to accompany my Las Vegas Boulevard journey.  There are some other details worth mentioning.  I received free shots while dancing in a conga line.  I got hit on by a 40-year old woman who made me take a photo with her and Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson then grabbed my ass and asked for my phone number.  Willie Nelson (‘s brother?) made it into my night and demonstrated the art of line dancing.  I discovered a hole in the wall restaurant that serves as much free house wine as you can drink while you are eating your dinner.

Willie 52E651437FEB95ECFAD6ADBBCE980

photo 1-3



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