12.19.12 – An Early Christmas

It’s a girl!  My cousin had her baby early this morning!  I woke up to a text at about 5 AM MST with a photo of the most precious thing I have ever seen!  The little one finally came out, and her name is Maryann or Annie for short.  Everything is exclamation points today!  I can’t believe that my cousin is a mom now, my aunt and uncle are grandparents, and my grandparents are great grandparents.  A new generation has started in my family.

The beauty of a family is that it never stops growing.  (You should see how many people come on vacation with us every summer.  The number gets bigger every year. )  That is the reason we are all here.  Our parents brought life into this world to make their family grow, and we will do the same. My cousin created life, she made that beautiful baby girl out of the love that brought her and her husband Jimmy together.  Together they created a human being!  It’s incredible!  Our family just got a little bit bigger.  Christmas came early this year :-)


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