12.17.12 – It’s Baby Time!

The baby is almost here!  Yup, I skipped a day because I’m that excited.  My cousin is going to have her baby today or tomorrow!  I am going to be an aunt to the most precious little thing ever.  Sandra is the oldest and probably the wisest cousin on my dad’s side of the family.  She was the first cousin to get married and now she is the first to give birth to a new life.  I just wish I was there to meet the little bugger and to support her on this journey.

To all those travelers out there.  You know how it is.  We travel because we love it.  We even take jobs that will make us travel, but it’s times like these that make the wandering life a hard one.  I will get to meet my niece or nephew in February and see what my cousin looks like as a new mommy.  I can’t wait, and I couldn’t be happy for Sandra and Jimmy.



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