12.12.12 – Six Feet Under

Today I explored Atlanta.  It was just lovely.

I had a delicious meal – chicken curry soup – served to me by a delicious bearded man at the Stone Soup Kitchen.  I would eat here everyday if I could.  If you are visiting Atlanta you must also visit Stone Soup Kitchen!

SAMSUNGI FINALLY got a haircut at this warehouse-esque salon in Grant Park called Lux Hair Salon which is another recommendation.  The ladies that work there are funny, awesome at cutting hair, and they occasionally put Krispy Kremes out on the table.  My walk from downtown to Grant Park was also enjoyable.

SAMSUNGI visited a cemetery in Grant Park where I saw a clever play on words…

SAMSUNG…and a beautiful view of the city.  I only wish I brought my real camera to take better photos.  I love a good cemetery, and this one was definitely satisfactory.

SAMSUNGI walked past some great and not so great graffiti while drifting around town.


I saw some beautiful houses, messed up a photo shoot, passed through some trendy neighborhoods, and ended up at Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points.  At this point I stopped taking photographs and focused on more important matters.  This place has over 500 beers – draft, bottle, vintage – available for your tasting pleasures, and the magic beer people update the beer list daily!  What?!  I made some friends at the bar, Frankie from CS and some cute, little 21-year olds.  I ended the day with a leisurely walk back to my hotel, the cool wind messing with my new hair-do, and John Butler Trio blaring in my ears.


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