12.9.12 – The Candle Box Fairies

Tomorrow will be my last night here at the Candlewood in Birmingham, AL.  It’s nice to be moving on to a new city, but I am sad to be leaving the little community here, especially the wine fairy.  He magically fills your glass as soon as you sit down at the table and continues to do so for the rest of the night.  You will leave the patio for a few minutes to call your dad, and when you come back, there will be a full glass of wine waiting for you.  There is always some one who will bring you a jacket when you start to shiver even though it is nowhere near Chicago cold at this time of year.  The cigarette fairy visits occasionally, and tomorrow, the steak fairy is rumored to make an appearance.  In honor of my last night at the Candlebox we will be having a party on the patio.  Steak, red potatoes, salad, wine, fairies, friends, and who knows, maybe some karaoke.

People are good.  They are so good that it sometimes makes me cry.  I got back to my room, closed the door, and shed a couple of tears for the niceness (apparently that is a word) that exists in people.  I have been smiling since the day I arrived in Birmingham.  I laugh so much that my face hurts!

I got kissed on the forehead today.  You don’t realize how nice that gesture really is, unless of corse you are female.  Then you know all about it.


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