11.27.12 – Unselfish Love?

Is there such a thing as unselfish love?  Do we really love without expecting to get anything in return?  Do we love just for the sake of loving or do we expect to be loved back?  Are we really unselfish beings?  Do we have children so we can produce miniature us-es?  Do we enter into relationships only because we want to make ourselves feel happy, make ourselves better?  Maybe it’s a mix of both selfishness and unselfishness?  Do we become teachers, caregivers, nurses because we are loved by our students and patients?  Do we get married so we will have some one to take care of and support us?  I know how I feel about this, but I want I want to see what YOU think.  I have 26 followers now so I should have 26 comments :-)  Tell me: Do we love unselfishly?  I’m talking to you mothers, boyfriends, fiancés, wives, friends, admirers, teachers, caregivers, whatever it is that you are, I want to know what you think.  Once I get some feedback I will write another post telling you my feelings on the subject.

We all have opinions, thoughts, experiences.  Share!  I know I’m expecting something out of our blogging relationship :P


2 thoughts on “11.27.12 – Unselfish Love?

  1. That is the cutest photo that I’ve seen since the picture of a red panda I saw last week. If you haven’t seen red panda check them out. They are ‘stealable from a zoo’ cute.

  2. Of course it exists! Just not all people are willing to let themselves be vulnerable enough to give or receive it. Just look at many of our friends girl, or some families I know, no other to way to explain it. But not all love is unselfish, and even in unselfish love you can still want something. Love that is unselfish means you still love them and will be there for them even when you don’t get what you want with no “pay backs”, rather than holding it over them or walking away.

    Now, getting married, that is more than just love, it is taking love and adding a business agreement to it. Really, look at the history of marriage, sometimes no love is present at all, it is a business agreement between two people, or two peoples families in some cultures. If someone chooses to marry for love, they must also make sure the person is a suitable life partner as well.

    PS- Yes, I fell a little behind on the blog, catching up now.

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