11.19.12 – Cincinnati: A Rightful Ending to a Perilous Quest

My endless journey has now ended.  I have completed my quest in the treacherous (me trying to spell that word just now was a hilarious spectacle) lands of Cincinnati, OH.  Mike parked the car.  I stepped out and surveyed my surroundings.  Over the road and through the fast food maze I saw something that did not belong, something different.  I decided, what the hell, I’ll take a walk.  As I approached this sit-down, let me take your order looking restaurant I noticed two words, two words that would end my quest and quite possibly save my life from the eternal hunger that rumbles in my stomach, that I sometimes mistake for my cell phone vibrating.  I feel the grumble, pull out my phone, and get sad to see that nobody is texting me.  Anyways, those two words were: BURGERS AND BEER!  Yes!  I won!  I had finally found what I was looking for!  A moment of panic flashed in my mind.  What if they aren’t open yet?  I checked the time.  2:00 pm.  I was safe.  I entered Flipdaddy’s weak, stumbling, almost defeated and left with a bloody, grease soaked, gigantic burger to eat in front of my teammates who opted for McDonalds ;-)

My life is now complete.

Sorry there is no photo.  I was distracted by the hunk of meat on my plate.  Yup.


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