11.18.12 – Lexington and A Quest for Burgers

I found out that I had a friend in Lexington, KY, a friend that I haven’t seen for ten years!  Holy shit, it’s been that long.  I met Colleen at this bar I was super excited to go to.  I wanted a burger, fries, and some good beer.  We met at Sidebar and soon found out that it was closed on Sundays so we decided to go to another spot around the corner.  Well, that spot was closed too.  We left downtown and went to a burger spot on campus.  This spot boasted their burgers, but there was one large problem: we could count the beer selection on one hand.  We finally settled on the bar next-door that had a full menu of beer.  I order a cheese burger with cheddar, and I got the a crippling response, “We don’t have burgers.”  Fail!  I was excited about the company, and we were both excited about the beer so we decided to stay.  Colleen is the same old Colleen, burps louder than anyone I know, is blunt in conversation, and has a smart head on her shoulders.  We talked about the people we grew up with, the fights we had in high school (never with each other), and babies.  Everyone we went to school with seems to have babies, everyone except for us.  We also talked about the terrible music taste parents are passing on to their children these days.  People our age are feeding their kids 90’s and on and pop music, Nsync, Destiny’s Child, among other radio hits.  We all know how great 98 Degrees was, but let’s not forget the music that came before us.  Simon and Garfunkel, Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Kinks, Dylan, Rod Stewart.  There are people out there who don’t know about the Rolling Stones!  We discussed this among many other things.  I’m glad I got to see an old friend in a new city.


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