11 Holiday Rules

The holiday season is upon us.  Radio stations started playing Christmas songs, holiday movies are playing on TV, and shopping centers are all decked with boughs of holy.  I never knew what a “bough” was until I looked it up just now.  A bough is a main branch of a tree.  Makes sense.  Everyone is making plans to do something special whether that’s spending time with family, drinking some spiced whiskey ciders with friends, curling up in your best onesie to watch “Home Alone 1 and 2”.  Everyone does something different to get in the mood for the holidays.  While you are out celebrating just remember these few rules that I have put together to ensure you have the best Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Getting Ready for Christmas, Christmas, and New Years day ever!

Here is a list of my holiday rules:

1.  Shop around.  Whether it’s a Christmas tree or a Christmas gift, shop around until you find the right one.  The traditions we have mean something us so let’s do them right.  Spend some extra time making that perfect gift or hunting down that perfect tree.

2.  It’s never too early to put up lights.  Even if you are the only person on your block, do it anyways.  That way, everyone else can find their way home at night.

3.  Don’t be afraid to get creative.  If there is no snow make a snow man anyways!  Just substitute snow with sidewalk chalk and create your snowman on the side of the house.  That is if mom and dad say it’s OK.

4.  Dress to impress.  Dickies and glitter painted sweater shirts are acceptable wardrobe for the holidays.

5.  Remember, everyone celebrates a holiday of some sort, even Slayer fans and followers of other religions.  Practice acceptance and love.  Invite new friends over for holiday crafts.

6.  Don’t forget the pup!  He loves you all year round even if you get lazy and skip a walk every now and then.  Treat the little guy to something nice.

7.  Act surprised even if you already know what it’s going to be, and be thankful for the people you get to spend time with.  For they are the gifts that matter.

8.  Get the dinner table ready.  You know that’s where all the good stuff happens!  Every table is important no matter how big or small.  You’re important too even if you get put at the kid’s table at age 28.

9.  FEAST!  But, just know everyone will have to help in the kitchen at some point.  There is no escape.

10.  Take photos with your family.  If you’re feeling fat and bloated after dinner, if you’re having a bad hair day, if you have a zit on your chin, take the photo anyway.  You’re going to cherish that memory one day.

11.  This is the last rule, but it may be the most important: be careful when you give Santa Claus booze.  You never know where he will end up!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Now, dig in.


2 thoughts on “11 Holiday Rules

  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I LOVE the holiday season ahead… making gingerbread houses, viewing holiday lights, sitting on Santa’s lap, decorating the Christmas tree, watching corny holiday movies, making sugar cookies, and if I was in the mountains I’d grab a cup of hot cocoa (lots of marshmallows) sit by a warm toasty fire, watch the snow falling outside, and snuggle up!! Tis the season. Happy holidays, and thanks for sharing your list… I greatly enjoyed reading it!!

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