11.11.12 – Ducks and Delis

I have two things to smile about today.  I walked across the street to Driftwood Deli to get a delicious sandwich on my break.  This place smells like Thanksgiving and tastes like Grandma’s homemade cooking. The subs are huge just like something my grandma would try to feed me saying, “My Kimmy, you’re too skinny!”  (I’m really not.)  The people that work in Driftwood, as well as all the other restaurants on the same stretch of road, are so nice and incredibly kind.  They gave me a sandwich on the house today since I have been helping with hurricane relief all week even though my job is easy compared to others! We have built a little community on Fischer Blvd this past week.  There’s Steve and family at the Dairy Queen, the ladies at the bank that always let me use their bathroom, the ladies in Driftwood, the Italian speaking guys in Linda’s Pizza that give me discounted slices, the wonderful man – who I LOVE – who works with CERT but can’t remember his name for the life of me, and Tom’s River Police.  I’m pretty sure if I ever got in trouble in Tom’s River, NJ everything would turn out just fine.  I never expected the people in New Jersey to be this nice – I didn’t know what to expect – but I find myself overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness of people here.

I said there were two positive things today and the second comes in a bundle: it’s my grandparents.  I am the luckiest person in the world to have all four of them.  That’s four times the amount of love you get from a normal person.  Grandparents are like a super person that love you regardless of what you do with your life, how much money you make, who you marry – or don’t marry – how many kids you have, or how much eggnog you drink on Christmas.  Your Grandparents are going to love you and try to feed you no matter what!  They are your biggest fans and will read every single blog you have ever posted.  My grandparents have just subscribed to my blog – heads up to my other readers, you have some competition.  They have loved me and supported me throughout my entire life, and for that my family has named ducks after them.  Any time you see a male and female duck together feel free to call them Alice and Jerry :-)


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