11.10.12 – The One

Does anyone have that one person?  The one person you go to when you’re worried, nervous, or stressed out.  The one person that will tell you to breathe when you forget to.  The one person that will share your excitement when you had a good day at work, who will listen to you talk about the book you are reading even though they probably don’t give a shit, who will even let you read them parts of the book you are so excited about.  That one person you want to tell everything to whether it’s good or bad.  Well, I have that one person.  He is there through the tears, the sobs, the smiles, and the jumps for joy, and I love him for always being there even when he doesn’t have to be. I just hope that I can be that one person for someone else and bring that positive energy to some one else’s life.


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