11.09.12 – Parking Lot Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy Relief is out in full force at the Bellcrest Plaza today :-)  We have the friendly communications station, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Tom’s River Emergency Response Unit, and Blue Wave Printing selling their Restore the Shore hoodies and t-shirts.  Ten dollars of every sale goes to local shelters helping those affected by the hurricane.  CERT was not out at our location today, but you can see their trailer in the photo too.  Everyone that is helping out is wonderful, but the CERT people are my favorite :-)  A ReStore the Shore store will open tomorrow allowing people that have signed up with FEMA to “shop” for the personal and household itemst they need.  More buses went out taking residents to parts of the Barrier Island to retrieve items from their homes and asses the damage.

I can see relief efforts coming together in the Tom’s River community.  Even younger boys, around age 13, were helping the police force by providing security for the parking lot  where all this is taking place.  Other people ask me where they can drop off donations and what they can do for other families in the community, and I don’t even live here!  But, I’m happy to be here and to do my small part in this big thing.


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