Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy Still Need Help!

I know my posts haven’t been the most positive the last couple of days, but that’s where people like you come in!  If you want to help those that are affected by Hurricane Sandy you still can!  A hurricane just doesn’t go away.  You may not hear about it in the news anymore, but it’s still here.  Sandy is gone, but a lot people are in need of help, and they will be for a long time.  I am working in Tom’s River, NJ this week and there are local families that still have nothing.  They have no water, no food, no roof, no place to shower, no warm clothes, no medications for those that are sick, no electricity, nothing.  There are several local donation sites here in Tom’s River, and all communities that got hit by Sandy, that help the families that need immediate care.  Any money that comes into this community right now will go directly to those families, and that is what they need.  The Tom’s River Police Department is accepting monetary donations and other community shelters are accepting anything that you want to send to them.  If you are uncomfortable sending a check or money order in the mail please contact the police department to see if there is another option.

Here is a website for Tom’s River, NJ with more information:

Here is a wonderful post, the TED blog:

You guys are the positive this week!  There are ways that you can help!  All it takes is a quick search on google.  Find the names of communities and the sites in that community that are accepting donations, what they are looking for, and help however you can!  Even if you send a couple packages of socks, canned goods, rice, underwear, shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies, a winter jacket, anything.  People here need it.

I will be spending today looking for more ways to donate, and I will continue to post what I can find.

Thank you everyone for listening.  I know I am just one person, but I have 16 followers!  Sometimes, that’s all it takes :-)  For those of you that want more info you can contact me through email or facebook:


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