10.30.12 – Bone Crushers!

You know those waves that only crazy people dream about riding, those tidal waves that tower over you and crash down with a force that could chew you up and spit you out like a piece of flavorless gum?  Well, those are what my brother and I call bone crushers.  Wicked gnar!

Apparently this is also considered a bone crusher:

But let’s move on.  Today I got to see the most wicked bone crushers of all, Niagara Falls.  I was mesmerized.  I caught myself zoning out while staring at the edge of the cliff as the water rushed past and leapt to the rocks below.  I kept imagining myself flying off this cliff and being pushed down by the powerful flow of water.  I came out alive every time so no worries.  Just imagine falling over something that intense!  I think it’s time for some cliff or bridge jumping, from a safe distance of course.

Here is a phone photo of the smaller falls.  There are plenty more photos from a real camera to come!


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