10.24.12 – Cakes, Soup, and a Sunset

I decided to go for some crab cakes today.  Believe it or not, I have never tried crab cakes so I ventured to an Annapolis Seafood Market, a place I would recommend if you are ever in the area, and got two crab cakes and cream of crab soup.  The Seafood Market I went to was just a market so there was no place to sit down and eat.  I wandered into the neighborhood behind the shop and found my way to the water.  The homes there were beautiful and the air smelled like the sea.  A long dock appeared before me stretching out into the water.  I may or may not have noticed the sign that read “Blah blah neighborhood residents only”.  I walked to the end of the pier, sat down, and ate my dinner.  And wouldn’t you know, I got to see a sunset, and a live crab too!





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