10.23.12 – Land of Babelincoln

I walked more than 8 miles around Washington DC today.  I had no plans and no idea what to expect.  I wanted to wander and take photos, maybe eat something delicious, and of course, visit the original – the man who started it all – Babelincoln.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term babelincoln, it’s a word used to describe a babe beyond a babe, a super babe if you will.  It is commonly used when talking about chicks or guys at the bar, coffee house, library, local swimming hole, or where ever it is that you hangout.

“Dude, there is a chick sitting at the end of the bar. Should I buy her a fuzzy navel?”

“Is she a babelincoln?”

“Yup, total babelincoln.”

“Yeah bro, do it.”

You get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, here are some photos from my tourist adventure in DC.  Yes, I was even asked if I speak English once and if I could take family photos for other tourists a lot more than once.  No, I did not see Obama nor did they let me into the White House.


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