10.22.12 – Ahoy Matey!

Today I learned that the street I grew up on is actually called by a different name.  According to Jack, I live on Dickens Cove which must explain all the swashbuckling, hidden treasure in the backyard, and the boat in the garage.  We do have a couple of parrots sitting in the gazebo.  I like Jack’s street name so much that I might repaint the street signs next time I am home.  I Skyped with Jack today.  One day Jack decided that he was going to move to Santiago, Chile, and that’s what he did.  He has been gone ever since that day.  Jack and I used to live right around the cove from each other, but we both ended up with a wanderlust that washes us up on far away shores.  No matter how far we get we always end up together in one form or another, even if it’s just over Skype.  Once a buccaneer, always a buccaneer!

What movie?


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