10.20.12 – Dad and The Princess Diaries

On Thursday I posed a little challenge for my readers, and by readers I mean my dad, Babe, Jack, and the guy in Canada who takes nice photos.  I said I would write a positive post about whomever could tell me in what musical the Wells Fargo wagon makes an appearance.  My dad knew that Music Man was the correct answer!  I think he knew this because my mom was a lover of musicals, plus, my dad is a pretty smart guy.  He’s good at all those Saturday crossword puzzles, and he knows about the Honey Badger.

Anyway, I just finished watching “50 First Dates” alone in my hotel room, and of course, I cried.  If I was at home I would have cried just the same, but at least I wouldn’t have been alone.  My dad is the ONLY person that will watch whatever movie or TV show, even if it’s America’s Next Top Model, that I want to watch.  He probably won’t admit this to you, but he has watched “The Princess Diaries” while the Sox game was going on.  I miss watching movies with my dad.  When my brother and I were little he would stay home from work every Thursday, and in the summer take us to the movies, baseball games, mini golf, or for hikes at Waterfall Glen.  Lunch usually consisted of Burger King, Pamy’s, or Teddy’s Red Hots.  We always got to pick, and we still do!  Whenever I am at home my dad will ask me what I want to eat while slightly suggesting that he wants sushi or thai, two foods that he will eat only if I’m around.  My dad always wanted to make my brother and I happy, and after X number of years – don’t want to give away an ages here- he still does.  I just hope that I do the same for him.  I love you Bean!


4 thoughts on “10.20.12 – Dad and The Princess Diaries

  1. I remember all those Thursday “dates” with your dad. When you were little all I could see in the car seat was your bow in your hair. Nice post.

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