10.18.12 – Bandwagon You Say?

So my beloved White Sox blew it and didn’t make the playoffs.  Am I allowed to cheer for another team?  Does that make me a bandwagon fan?  Does that make me a disloyal White Sox fan?  I wouldn’t consider myself a Detroit fan, but since the Tigers are going to the World Series, and my team is not, I’m going to root for the damn Tigers!  I don’t think I am hopping on any wagons here, except maybe the Wells Fargo wagon when it’s ah coming down the street, since I am and have always been a baseball fan.  Plus, I know pleanty of people who would be happy with a Detroit World Series, and I want my friends to be happy.  I don’t think I am being disloyal because the Sox aren’t even playing right now.  As soon as next season starts you know where my heart is going to sit, on the first base line at Comiskey with a margarita in one hand and a Polish with onions in the other.

On a completely unrelated note, I finished my first Google Play book, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Look on your phone, you probably have it on there too.  It was the first book I read on a screen, and even though the screen was pretty small, the book was still an easy read.  These Play books are great for the car, and I will probably end up reading some more.  I still like real books 1000 times better :-)

Buenas noches!

PS – If anyone can tell me what musical the Wells Fargo Wagon makes an appearance in I will write a positive post about you!  No using Google you cheaters!  I will make it easy with this photo:


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