10.17.12 – 2005 Throwback

I woke up and decided that it was a Death Cab for Cutie day.  As I listened to Transatlanticism I was taken back to my college years.  I listened to a lot of Death Cab, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot.  Not the happiest of music, but I was lost and a bit lonely.  Maybe I still am a little.  Maybe I always will be.  Anyways, I bought tickets to see Death Cab at the Metro in Chicago.  I picked up my friend Aaron, maybe we took a train, I can’t remember how we got to the city.  Excited and early, we decided to get some ice cream at a shop across from the venue.  After paying for ice cream I put my wallet back into my purse, and the two of us walked across the street.  On the other side I reached into my bag to get the tickets, and a wave of panic swept over me as I realized my wallet was gone.  Some one had picked it in the two minutes it took me to walk from the ice cream shop to the Metro.  Total bummer!  I was sad.  I may have shed a tear, but not to worry!  There was another show the next day so I immediately bought tickets forgetting about the family engagement my mom wasn’t going to let me miss.  I tried twice to see my favorite band and failed both times.

I had given up hope and bought a bus ticket to go back to school in Champaign, IL on Sunday.  As I exited the bus in downtown Champaign I caught a glimpse of the marquee over The Highdive, a small music venue/bar, and my eyes popped out of my head when I saw who was playing.  Death Cab for Cutie!  I went to the show, saw my friend Jack there, and got to meet the band!  I had to buy three tickets to see this damn show, but it was worth it.  It made me smile, and still makes me smile thinking about that weekend.

Here’s what I looked like in 2005 with black hair.  I can still fit in a sink.



3 thoughts on “10.17.12 – 2005 Throwback

  1. I remember that Champaign High Dive Death Cab show! That was 2004. I’m listening to Transatlanticism this morning for the first time in years in honor of you and your blog post. I guess this is also the time to tell you that I stole your wallet and convinced your mom to schedule a family thing the next day so that you’d have to watch the show with me in Champaign instead. mwahahaha. “I want you so much closer….”

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