10.13.12 – Steve, Michelle, and Eliot

Being back in San Diego makes me happy, so happy that I think about moving back a lot.  But, I know it wouldn’t be the same San Diego that I left two years ago.  I would still have all of my beautiful friends, but things would be different.  Speaking of beautiful friends, I got to see Steve, Michelle, and Eliot tonight!  These are friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years.  I went to a Liquid Geometry show at the Kava Lounge, an awesome venue with awesome music.  There was definitely dancing and new drink discoveries.  The ginger snap is my new favorite.  I also discovered Shigeto, check out minute 24.

PS – To all the friends I got to see this weekend, I frickin’ love you guys!  I’ll be back soon, and hopefully I won’t have to work next time.


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