10.12.12 – Chicago Unite

Every week I work in a new city and every week my team gets help from 5 or 6 local staff members.  We don’t know who these staff members are going to be so it’s always a surprise on the first day of the event.  You always hope for the best, but sometimes, you get the entertaining.  So far my team has been lucky, and we have had some great staff.  This week we had a a guy who was from Chicago!  It’s comforting to meet some one from home while you are out on the road.  You get to talk about things like the lakefront, quote movies, and do sweet ninja kicks.  I love Chicago, and I love Chicago people with their dry/almost awkward sense of humor and their love for their city.  Chicago people are proud to be from Chicago!  We wear our team jerseys, we run marathons, we eat pizza till we can barely walk, and we complain about the snow but still brave those lovely Chicago streets in the middle of blizzardy winter!


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