10.8.12 – Half a Day and Half a Post

Today I got to see even more balloons in Albuquerque and learned even more neat things about hot air balloons.  There is a little thing called the Albuquerque Box.  The “box” is a set of predictable wind patterns that can be exploited to navigate the balloons. At low elevations the winds tend to be southerly (from the south), but at higher elevations they tend to be northerly.  Balloonists use these winds to navigate in a vertical box: they ascend slightly from the launch park, move south, ascend further, move north, descend, and repeat the box or land back in the launch park or quite nearby.  (Thank you once more Wikipedia!)  The balloons were in the air for a while today and it was awesome to see how they actually move in a box.  You will never understand how beautiful it is to look up at the sky and see layers of balloons floating at different distances across mountain backdrops and sun rises until you actually see it for yourself.  If you ever get a change to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta or any balloon fiesta take that chance, even if it means you need to arrive at the lift off field before dawn.

And, we had a half day at work!  I only worked for 6 hours today.  I can’t remember the last time I worked a shift less than 10 hours!


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