10.5.12 – Pizzaaaaaaaa!

Is anyone else a traveler?  It’s funny how you want to get away from the normal everyday stuff, but when you’re out on the road you take great comfort when things are like they are back home.  It’s almost like we want the same life just in a different setting.  We want to wake up and have our house be on an island off the coast of Panama.  We want to walk out of our warm shower that actually has water pressure onto the cliffs of Machu Picchu.  Hell, I would love to walk around the Incan empire naked.  Yes, we want different, but we still love same.  This week I am staying in a Candlewood Suites in Albuquerque, NM, but instead of a hotel room, I have a apartment!  I have a kitchen stocked with all kinds of pots, pans, popcorn bowls, tupperware, and even a full sized fridge.  I may not cook the most elaborate dishes, but I like to make my own food instead of eating every meal in a restaurant. There is free laundry, a grill on the outside patio – which I used to make a delicious pizza – a free dvd rental at the front desk, AND they allow dogs!  If I had one he would definitely be staying here too.




One thought on “10.5.12 – Pizzaaaaaaaa!

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