10.4.12 – Lapped by 75

People who exercise are happier than people who don’t.  Just think about this for a minute.  How do you feel after sitting on the couch all day flipping through channels and snacking on Cheez-its?  OK, Cheez-its are pretty great, but I bet that you feel a lot better after a bike ride to a friend’s house or taking your dog for a walk around the block.  Exercise does not have to be on a treadmill in a gym surrounded by musclemen grunting in the background.  Exercise can be a morning hike in the desert to watch the sunrise over the mountains.  I have been taking this 2.5 mile hike for the past three days here in Santa Fe, and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my day.  Usually I am out there by myself, but today was different.  As I took a turn to go up the “big” hill, I noticed an older man jogging my way.  As he got closer I realized that he was in his 70’s, and still jogging!  He was wearing a grandpa sweatshirt, you know the kind, one that reads the names of grandchildren or says something like, Harrah’s Casino Las Vegas, NV.  Well, this man kept getting closer, and eventually it happened.  He passed me!  I got lapped by a 75-year old!  I’m not much of a runner so I just smiled to myself and kept walking along at my own pace.  I got to see this man’s face as he turned the next corner, and he was smiling too.  Exercise.  It will make you happy no matter what form it’s in.

Sunrise in Santa Fe


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