10.3.12 – A Day in Santa Fe

Santa Fe has officially been added to the list of places I could live.  So far I love it, even though it’s a dangerous place to drive since the scenery takes my eyes off of the road.  I decided to go into town today and buy some jewelry.  I knew there were going to be street venders selling their hand crafted works of art, but I had no idea how expensive these jewels were going to be.  I have always wanted a nice turquoise necklace, and the Sue in me told me, “If you really want it, buy it.  You will forget about that 90 bucks by next week.”  So I did it.  I bought a beautiful necklace and some earrings made from Arizona Serpentine from South of Globe, AZ.  I haven’t worn a necklace since I stopped wearing my mom’s cross about a year ago, and I have been looking for the perfect one ever since.  I found it :-)

One of my favorite foods just so happens to be the burrito, either a BRC or a California, but I do not like burritos from the sit-down Mexican restaurants that pop up when you google or yelp “burrito”.  I like my burrito from the taqueria down the street and rapped in tin foil for me take it anywhere I want to go.  The only problem is, these taquerias do not pop up on a map.  You just need to know where they are, and if you ask the wrong person, like the librarian or some dude you pass in the street, they will just send you to a proper restaurant or a T Bell.  Today, I decided to drive over to the “not so pretty” side of Santa Fe, and low and behold, I found  El Parasol, my savior.  In Santa Fe they put chili in everything, either rojo o verde.  They actually put it in the burrito.  I went for the verde, and it was delicious and unlike most other green chili sauces I have sampled.

I <3 Santa Fe.



One thought on “10.3.12 – A Day in Santa Fe

  1. your mom’s advice was very sound and that burrito sounds delicious. Makes my mouth water. Go figure they put Chili on everything in Santa Fe and Chili on nothing in Chile. I’m digging the positive vibe of the new blog. Keep smiling, amiga.

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