9.26.12 – Hit the Gym

I got to climb today!  Tulsa, OK has a small climbing gym, called New Heights right next to a trailer park.  I have a fascination with trailer so right off the bat this was a good experience.  The gym itself is small, but it’s great to see how the owners use the space.  In the entrance room there are bouldering routes that take you across the wall and around corners.  They are fun routes.  As you step into the back room you descend into a bit for some top rope and lead climbing routes.  (One of these days I will try my hand at lead climbing.)  There are even more bouldering routes in the second room.  High routes.  The last room is the upstairs cave room which is full of challenging overhands.  I worked on a couple routes up there.  Overhangs are my favorite, but it’s nice when I have a buddy with me for encouragement.  Last, but not least, there was a puppy!  A climber brought his five month old pup so the dog could get used to waiting at the bottom of the route without barking.  Puppies and climbing?!  What more could you ask for?  Oh yeah, maybe a falafel sandwich which I finally got to eat today!




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