9.24.12 – A Guy and A Dog

I decided to go for a walk at around 8PM.  It was dark, but the lights from Harrah’s casino/hotel lit up the sky and the parking lots surrounding the building.  I managed to find a grassy hill to sit on and contemplate positive thoughts when I saw a semi truck stop at the bottom of the hill.  A man jumped out and turned around to lift his black lab out of the cabin.  The man and his dog ran around the grassy area for about 20 minutes, and I couldn’t have been happier watching the two of them play.  When it was time to go the man squat down to call his friend.  The dog slowly walked back over and let the man pick him back up and load him into the truck.  I witnessed something so simple, but there was love and appreciation.  Man and his best friend :-)

Please enjoy this photo of a baby Toby:



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