9.28.12 – Rides

I got to ride the Zipper, the mini roller coaster, The Drop, and, the spaceship ride!  All for free!  The Zipper!  For FREE! I told the kid in front of me on the spaceship that I throw up on rides.  He laughed and rolled his eyes, but I knew I installed the fear in him.  No worries, I didn’t get sick.  Image

9.27.12 – Making Friends

I’m pretty good at making friends.  I’m especially good at making friends with carnies.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a carnie myself?  Steve works the spaceship ride, LA sweeps things, Bart works the fast pitch, and Troy and his brother whose name I can’t remember walk around pretending to be busy.  Fairs are wonderful and your friends will always keep you entertained.

9.26.12 – Hit the Gym

I got to climb today!  Tulsa, OK has a small climbing gym, called New Heights right next to a trailer park.  I have a fascination with trailer so right off the bat this was a good experience.  The gym itself is small, but it’s great to see how the owners use the space.  In the entrance room there are bouldering routes that take you across the wall and around corners.  They are fun routes.  As you step into the back room you descend into a bit for some top rope and lead climbing routes.  (One of these days I will try my hand at lead climbing.)  There are even more bouldering routes in the second room.  High routes.  The last room is the upstairs cave room which is full of challenging overhands.  I worked on a couple routes up there.  Overhangs are my favorite, but it’s nice when I have a buddy with me for encouragement.  Last, but not least, there was a puppy!  A climber brought his five month old pup so the dog could get used to waiting at the bottom of the route without barking.  Puppies and climbing?!  What more could you ask for?  Oh yeah, maybe a falafel sandwich which I finally got to eat today!



9.25.12 – Kansas Backroads

Turn left onto Kansas Highway 59.  Google led me onto a Kansas Highway made of redding asphalt that had no lines painted anywhere.  There were tiny reflectors in the middle making two lanes, but it was hard to tell if those two lanes were for vehicles heading in my direction or one for each direction.  Finally, I saw a car speeding towards me, and I recognized what that other lane was for.  You could tell this highway was not so long ago a dirt road that only the locals recognized.  It was narrow and lined with viney trees that I have only seen in Kansas.  It was warm and sunny, I got a tan on my shoulders as we drove along this back road highway.  

9.24.12 – A Guy and A Dog

I decided to go for a walk at around 8PM.  It was dark, but the lights from Harrah’s casino/hotel lit up the sky and the parking lots surrounding the building.  I managed to find a grassy hill to sit on and contemplate positive thoughts when I saw a semi truck stop at the bottom of the hill.  A man jumped out and turned around to lift his black lab out of the cabin.  The man and his dog ran around the grassy area for about 20 minutes, and I couldn’t have been happier watching the two of them play.  When it was time to go the man squat down to call his friend.  The dog slowly walked back over and let the man pick him back up and load him into the truck.  I witnessed something so simple, but there was love and appreciation.  Man and his best friend :-)

Please enjoy this photo of a baby Toby: